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Melbourne removalist – How do Melbourne Removalists Charge?

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So the question is ‘How do Melbourne Removalists charge?’  It seems like a pretty straight forward question with a relatively easy answer.  You may think the answer is as easy as providing you with a price but due to many variables involved in the nature of a removalists job, prices may fluctuate slightly or significantly. But over the years, the Transport and Removals industry has conformed a median price that all movers feel comfortable working off, some may be lower than the average whereas some maybe higher but all are justified given the quality of service that they claim to provide.


However, here are some variables and fees to look out for and understand what removalists in Melbourne charge when you start to get removalist quotes.


Hourly Rate Quotes

For Melbourne moving companies who feel comfortable swapping their time for money and like to be paid for every minute spent on the job. This gives the removalist a peace of mind knowing that if a problem arises and the job ends up taking a lot longer than anticipated in the first place, then they will be rewarded for their time spent. For the consumer on the other hand, while a hourly rate can be beneficial if the removalist completes the job close to or under the estimated completion time, but if not then there would be the unanticipated extra hours to pay for.


Fixed Price Quotes

Melbourne removalists who typically charge a fixed priced quote will be transporters who are more focused on getting paid based on an outcome they achieve within a certain timeframe. Although this type of quoting will have to be calculated by the removalist to ensure that they can accurately estimate the length of time to compete the job in or under. If they complete it under their specified time, that will be their bonus saving themselves some time, however if they complete the job over the estimated time, they would be under charging and will have to bear the brunt of it. So, from the consumer’s point of view no matter if the removalist completes the job on time or over time, the consumer will still be paying the same amount in both cases so, it’s a win-win putting most of the risk on the removalist.


Depot to Depot and Door to Door

Some Melbourne removalist will charge you from depot to depot, meaning from the time that they leave their depot to attend to your pick-up location and then again from the drop-off location back to the depot. This is to account for the travel time. Whereas some removalist will only charge you from door to door meaning from the time they get to your door and start loading your items to the time they unload the last item at your drop off point.  It is obvious that for the consumer Door to Door is much better as you get to eliminate the extra cost involved when the removalist travel from the depot to you door and vice versa.


Call out Fee

A call out fee is the fee associated with the time taken to travel to and from your pickup or drop off location and to the depot of the removalist and the associated fuel expenses incurred within that travel time. This is usually charged with the same rate as the hourly rate quoted to you. However take note this may on the other hand be sometimes known as a Fuel charge which, can come as an one-off fixed fee. However, some removalists will not charge you this fee depending on your location and how far it is to their depot.


Minimum booking time

Many Melbourne removalists may outline a minimum amount of time that they can be booked; meaning for any job booked the consumer has to pay for at least 2 hours or whatever the minimum booking time is. This is to make their time worth their while with small jobs, as some removalist find there is no point for them to accept a small job that takes an hour to complete but it has at least 2 hours of driving time.


Incremental Extra Time

If a removalist has estimated 4 hours to complete a job and the job takes 45 minutes, rather than paying for a whole entire extra hour, you just pay for the increment. So, if a removalist charges in 1 minute increments you will pay for the extra minutes you book the removalist for, however some Melbourne removalists will round up to the nearest 15 minutes. So be mindful what their rules are before you book.


Interstate from Melbourne

Be mindful that local removals jobs may be fairly differently priced compared to removalists Melbourne to Sunshine Coast or removalists Newcastle back to Melbourne for example. Some may offer a backload or some may even quote you solely based on your contents rather than an hourly price.


So before you book a Melbourne removalist be sure to familiarise yourself with the above so that you can understand what you are getting yourself into when you accept a quote.